LEGO Star Wars New York Toy Fair 2014 – HD Images


The very well-known ToyArc website has published a ton of images of the LEGO Star Wars sets that were displayed at this year’s New York Toy Fair. Below I have posted all of the images that correspond to the sets that will be released this summer 2014.

Just a couple of quick notes. You guys will be glad to know that we will be getting a brand new Greedo minifigure alongside a couple of Cantina Band minifigs. After a lot of speculation and rumors the possibility of getting Ponda Baba has been finally discarded. The B-Wing also features new rebel pilots with some amazing printings on the heads and of the helmets. They sure do stand out. As for the Snowspeeder, the new grey tone looks fantastic. The AT-AT and Star Destroy both look quite nice but I can’t avoid the thought that they look pretty much identical to the previous versions.

For now that is all I want to say but I would like to know your thoughts. Post your comments below to share ideas!

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