Lego-Inspired Decors and Wall Paintings for the Living Room


Lego has come a long way from being just a play material made of interlocking plastic bricks. It has gone on to become one of the most popular toy brands and amusement parks around the world. As it became a household name, it has inspired the production of several other merchandise that center on the colorful bricks that children love to play.

At home, Lego-inspired decors go beyond the children’s bedroom. It has now invaded even the living room from the furniture, fixtures, and walls.

A bare wall in the living room is not only drab and boring, but it’s depressing to look at. Enter Lego-inspired decors and wall paintings, and viola, with just a few fresh additions, you now have a lively living room in your home.

When it comes to decorating with something as colorful as Lego, it is not necessary to fill every inch of the living room wall space. In this case, less is more. A few curated pieces creatively placed on the wall, and you have a visually interesting showcase of art that creates a cohesive space in your home.

For some fresh ideas on Lego-inspired decors and wall paintings for your living room, here are a few design inspirations:

Lego wallpaper/wall decals


Who says that Lego wallpaper and decals are only confined in the kids’ room? As wallpapers evolve with current trends, Lego designs are now available too. The same can be said of wall decals. These come in numerous Lego designs and themes too. A colorful wallpaper is a statement of art itself. Keep in mind to balance everything out when decorating with it. Use the colors in Lego wallpapers/wall decals to a minimum, so an accent wall or feature wall will work best to your decorating advantage. If you have a specific Lego design in mind, there are suppliers that can customize for you.

Lego-inspired wall art

There are tons of wall art and wall paintings for the living room to get you started, and one of these is Lego wall art posters and prints. If you’re not ready to go full scale colored posters, there are a lot of Lego art posters rendered in monochrome or blueprint format. And there are many innovative options to decorate it as well. For example, hanging Lego artworks in a group of threes creates a big impact. If you’re working in a smaller wall space in the living room, a wall mural that serves as an accent wall gives off an impression of a bigger space.

To add a creative element, you can altogether omit custom frames for the Lego wall posters. Instead, metal and bulldog clips, magnetic ropes, and washi tapes work just as well and adds a playful hint to the entire setup. A key takeaway when using these alternatives is to ensure that it complements the overall styling of the living room space.

Alternative artwork


Innovation is key to great designing! Forego traditional wall art pieces, and go for dynamic artworks that wow while still in keeping with the Lego theme. A personalized Lego nameplate or Lego initials can go on the living room wall. If you or your kids are fond of collecting Lego toys that can work as wall decors as well. Showcase your collection by mounting Lego toys on a frame and putting this up on the wall. Lego mini-figures are a cool idea for this.

The beauty of decorating your living room walls with Lego toys is that the possibilities are just as unlimited as with decorating with ordinary ornaments. Whether you like a clean and minimal look or you love a bright-colored room, there are Lego-inspired ideas to make your living room an attractive space. Think outside of the box, yet make sure that wall art pieces and decors come together to create an easy-on-the-eye aesthetics.

As you take on a living room design project, keep in mind that as a space where you and your family constantly spend a lot of time on, the living room should not only be beautiful but comfortable and practical too!