LEGO Detective Agency Modular Set Coming In 2015


Over on the Brickset forums, Paperballpark has posted the very first details of the upcoming 2015 LEGO Creator Modular set. He said that the set will be a Detective Agency and that it will retail for £132.99. He also stated that the release date for this new set will January 1, 2015. For those who are somewhat skeptical about this, Paperballpark is an active member on the forums and he also claims that this rumor comes from a very reliable source, so odds are this is the real deal.

It has been rumored for a very long time that we might get a Detective Agency set and it appears to be the day has finally come. I am very interested in seeing how this set turns out to be. LEGO has the potential to pull of an amazing set with some very unique features and I hope they do so.

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