LEGO City Summer 2015 Sets: Space, Sea and Monorail?


Just2good (or must I say just2rumors) has struck again with more summer 2015 LEGO rumors. This time he brings us the LEGO City sets and, according to his contacts, there’s a lot going on.

First off, we have two new subthemes called Space Port and Under Sea Exploration. It seems to be that these subthemes will be the main focus of the LEGO City theme for 2015 since all of the sets (except for 3) belong to these lines. There is, however, a slight chance that the Under Sea Exploration line might actually be a stand-alone theme. Two of his contacts say so, but two others say that it’s just a subtheme for City. It’s hard to tell right now, but one things for sure: the sets sounds promising.

Moving on, there is one set that stands out the most in this list and it’s the 60098 Metro MDP. Though I’m not entirely sure about what MDP stands for, I hope it has some kind of relationship with the old monorail sets. There’s tons of fans out there that have been waiting years to get another monorail set and, though it might seem like a far stretch, there is a chance that it might happen.  This City Metro set seems like the perfect way to re-introduce the monorail architecture into the LEGO world. I’m keeping my hopes high, but remember that this is just me speculating.

I think I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Here’s the rumored set list:

  • LEGO City Explore 60077 Astronaut Starter Set
  • LEGO City Explore 60078 Landing Craft
  • LEGO City Explore 60079 Shuttle Trasport
  • LEGO City Explore 60080 Space Station
  • LEGO City Explore 60090 Suba Scooter ($6.99 USD)
  • LEGO City Explore 60091 Deep Sea Research Starter Set ($9.99)
  • LEGO City Explore 60092 Deep Sea Submarine (39.99 USD)
  • LEGO City Explore 60093 Sea Helicopter ($49.99 USD)
  • LEGO City Explore 60095 Deep Sea Research Vessel (??? USD)
  • LEGO City 60097 Special Edition
  • LEGO City 60098 Metro MDP*
  • LEGO City 60099 Advent Calendar ($29.99 USD)

What are your thoughts? Let us know on the comments below!

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