Lego Stop-motion Hulk Casino Slot Fail

The Hulk Gets Angry While Playing Slot Machines in the casino

Lego Superheroes go at each other in slot match off

Generally, when you hit your favourite casino for a round of hands, you are always aware that you are playing against the house and you do know what they say about the house rarely losing, right? Except that it does, especially when you are on the slots and all you need are simple combinations of same symbols. Now, assume that it’s not you trying your luck out at the slots, but real superheroes who have been known to rescue people from falling debris and fires. I bet you would wager a tenner that the likes Hulk, Spiderman and Ironman could carry the winnings home in any slot faceoff.

Well, welcome to a faceoff between Lego Ironman, Lego Hulk, Lego Joker and Lego Spiderman. Try not to think of these heroes as construction toys pieced together brick by brick but as actual players coming in with some serious bankroll. Drinks on the house everybody! Let’s roll.

Joker is winning big at the casino

Enter the Joker and the players

The Joker doesn’t seem to be doing much in this clip other than just striding into the floor with a pair of chips and letting out a rather satisfied yelp. Soon the three players, Lego Ironman, Lego Spiderman and Lego Hulk stride toward the slots and confidently take up their positions. Hulk goes at it first, and to our hilarious surprise, mixes up the symbols, with the machine labelling him a loser. Another go at it gives the same exact results,
and we can all hear his growl of frustration rent the gaming room. Looks like
we are dealing with a high roller huh?

Looking around, Hulk finds that his competitors are not exactly going through the torrid game he is having to endure. On his right, Lego Ironman has won himself a goodly pile of coins from the free spins casino, and he cackles in primal satisfaction as he leans forward to assess his fortunes for the day. Beginner’s luck? May be, maybe not. For those who want to walk in the same shoes as Iron Man, there are plenty of free spin casinos online that lets you play for free, with real money. Who knows, perhaps you’ll end up as lucky as Iron Man.

Spiderman winning big on slot with free spins

Spiderman and the Lego wheelbarrow full of winnings

Turning to the left, Lego Ironman sees Lego Spiderman gathering all his winnings into a wheelbarrow-that is how much his single spin has reaped. The way Spiderman glides effortlessly into the game has us figuring him out as an old hand in this sort of thing. Seeing this, Lego Hulk turns green with envy (literally so) and decides to go ham on the slot machine, which he punches at a few times. As he does so, his form hardens and his guttural growl is magnified. He also seems to grow several sizes bigger. Despite his symbols not aligning, some coins still drop, which is of course against house rules. Oh, and yes, the slot machine keels over. Sort of bad for everyone, you would think.

Lego Police, anyone?

Hearing the commotion within the casino, two Lego cops march toward the angry Hulk and give him a set of tools to fix the damage done to the slot machine. He does so under their supervision, after which he decides to give it a go one last time before folding. While his symbols align, the reward is not what he expects, and the shock of it all sends him reeling backwards. He ends up flat on his rear, and we bet that his odds are baked, pretty much. Perhaps The Hulk shouldn’t play in a live casino where he’s able to bash up all the machines. Next time he should try going online and look for some online casino bonus reviews and play from his computer. At least then there won’t be as much property damage if he losses.

Fun Fact: For a while it was possible to play Spiderman, Iron Man and The Hulk slots online, but this year Playtech discontinued the Marvel Franchise. The only super hero slot that can still be played are the Batman slots by Microgaming.