Building a Lego Live Casino: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Andar Bahar, Roulette, Teen Patti, and Blackjack Tables

live casino in Lego

Introduction: The Thrill of Live Casino Games and the Joy of Lego

Live casino games have always been a source of thrill and excitement. The suspense of Andar Bahar, the spinning wheel of Roulette, the strategic gameplay of Teen Patti, and the quick decision-making in Blackjack have captivated millions worldwide. Now, imagine recreating these popular games using Lego bricks. This article guides you through the step-by-step process of building a Lego live casino, focusing on creating game tables for these four games.

Understanding the Games

Before we delve into the construction process, let’s briefly discuss the basic rules and mechanics of each game.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a popular Indian card game. The dealer places a single card face up on the table (the ‘Joker’), then deals cards alternately to the left (Andar) and right (Bahar) until a card matching the Joker appears. The side that gets the matching card wins. Andar Bahar is one of India’s most popular casino games. It’s very popular among Indian gamblers to play Andar Bahar online.


In Roulette, a small ball is spun on a wheel with numbered slots. Players bet on the number or color where the ball will land.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti, also known as Indian Poker, involves players betting on who has the best three-card hand. The player with the highest hand or the last remaining after all others have folded wins.


Blackjack requires players to get a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over. The player with a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s wins, unless they go over, in which case they lose.

Constructing the Game Tables

Now, let’s dive into the construction process. Remember, Lego building is a creative process, so feel free to adapt these instructions to suit your style and available pieces.

Building the Andar Bahar Table

  1. Start with a flat rectangular base. Use green bricks to mimic the felt of a traditional card table.
  2. Create a border around the edge using black bricks.
  3. Use white bricks to create two distinct areas on the table for Andar and Bahar.
  4. For the card dealing mechanism, build a small, flat platform in the center of the table where the ‘Joker’ card will be placed.

Andar Bahar casino Lego

Crafting the Roulette Table

  1. Begin with a similar base as the Andar Bahar table.
  2. For the spinning wheel, use a round plate and attach it to the table using a rotating joint piece.
  3. Decorate the wheel with alternating colors and numbers.
  4. Create a betting area on the table using different colored bricks to represent different bets.

Constructing the Teen Patti Table

  1. This table can be similar to the Andar Bahar table, but with a circular shape.
  2. Create spaces for each player around the table using different colored bricks.
  3. For a creative touch, build small card holders at each player’s space.

Casino Gamblers in Lego

Building the Blackjack Table

  1. Start with a semi-circular base.
  2. Create a space for the dealer at the flat end and spaces for players along the curved edge.
  3. Build a card dealing mechanism using a sliding plate and a spring-loaded piece.

Challenges and Creative Opportunities

Building a Lego live casino presents both challenges and creative opportunities. The main challenge lies in replicating the functional aspects of each game. For instance, creating a spinning wheel for Roulette or a card dealing mechanism for Blackjack requires some ingenuity. However, these challenges also open up opportunities for creativity. You can experiment with different Lego pieces and techniques to achieve the desired functionality.

Conclusion: Bringing the Casino to Life

Building a Lego live casino is not just about constructing game tables. It’s about recreating the excitement and thrill of live casino games. So, don’t forget to add some Lego minifigures as players and dealers to bring your casino to life. Happy building!

Remember, the goal is not perfection, but creativity and fun. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and make your Lego live casino uniquely yours. Enjoy the process, and happy building!