The New 2013 LEGO Star Wars Gunship?


The guys over at HothBricks have brought my attention to the gunship model that appears in the new LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles Trailer. As you may know from our past article about the second wave of 2013 Star Wars sets, we are expecting a new gunship. If the rumors are correct about us having a new gunship set then it is very likely that it will look somewhat similar to what we see on the trailer.

This new gunship looks like a combination of the old gunship and the one from 2011. It has the two turrets on the sides and that little walk way right next to the turrets. It is very likely that this is how our new gunship might look like. Almost every time LEGO makes an animation they create 3D models based on real plastic models. Though this is true there still is a chance that this model was just created for the series and not to become a real set.

Only time can tell if this is the new Gunship we are expecting for the second wave of 2013 Star Wars sets. If we get a hold of any news about the possible new gunship we will post it as soon as we can.


  1. I hope this is indeed the new gunship – because that would mean that the improvements on it are not that ground breaking, compared to the last one – which again means that I wont have to go out and buy it, since I really liked the old one…now what about the rumoured AT-TE…?

  2. They can’t keep redoing sets over and over again. The only Lego sets from Star Wars I’ve been liking lately are the Old Republic sets and At-Rt set.
    2015 = Overload of new sets, keep keen eye out for them xD


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