The LEGO Movie Summer 2014 Sets


The LEGO Movie Summer 2014 - 1

The new LEGO Movie is just around the corner and so are the official LEGO sets that will accompany its release. As you may already know, there will be a total of 17 different sets based on The LEGO Movie, 13 of which will be released in the winter wave (January 1st) and the other four later this summer. So far we have only seen images of the sets that will be released in January but now thanks to Canticleer blues from the Eurobricks forums and PhoncipleBone on NeoGAF we have some images of what appear to be the new summer 2014 LEGO Movie sets.

The LEGO Movie Summer 2014 - 2

The first image features Benny’s Spaceship. Not long ago some images of the Benny minifig appear on the internet and in case you don’t know, Benny is the blue space guy. His spaceship resembles the classic LEGO spaceships from the early years of LEGO were the designs were much more creative and used much more bricks. I am honestly looking forward to the release of this set.

The LEGO Movie Summer 2014 - 3

Next up we have Emmet’s Construction Mech. It appears to be that this set is mainly composed out of Technic pieces and a couple of normal LEGO bricks. Also, if you look closely at the feet you will notice that the Mech seems to roll on a couple of treads. This sure looks like a creative build. I mean, look at the hands of the Mech and the overall design; it’s as if someone would have smashed together a ton of construction vehicles into one!

The LEGO Movie Summer 2014 - 4

Finally, we have the Police Dropship. This dropship hovers on rotating rocket boosters and features a ginormous cockpit. The dropship also features a prisoner laser cell in which you can carry any kind of prisoners. Towards the side of the ship there are a couple of side panels that when you slide them the release the mighty Robo SWAT Troops. Overall, this dropship seems to pack a lot of playability that the young LEGO builders might enjoy a lot.

If you wish to take a closer look at the features of each individual set, make sure to click on the images! We hope you found this bit of news interested and don’t forget you leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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