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Howdy Guys! As time goes by we find out more and more about the new 2013 LEGO Legend Of Chima theme.  Today LEGO has just released the new micro site for this new theme. Currently there isnt much to see besides a couple of images. We get to see a couple of 3D renders of the new minifigs and I can’t wait to see them, this December but wait, we can now.

We already wrote a post about this and it’s about the BlockPartyBricks store that has got a hold of the new Razcal minifigure. He claims that the minifig is 100% authentic and it is very probable he is saying the truth. If you take a look at the minifigure it’s got some nice front and back printings and the new helmet and wings. If that minifig looks freaking awesome just think of the others that will be coming out! I cant wait for such awesomeness!

So that warps up this little update. Just wanted to let you know about the new micro site and the Razcal minifig. As soon as we know more about this theme we will let you know! So stay tuned!



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