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Lego Castle 2013 Images



It began as a rumor that we would be getting new LEGO Castle sets but as time went by that rumor was proven right. Yesterday images were posted of the new 2013 Castle, Star Wars, Galaxy Squad, and LotR sets.  The images have been watermarked so I would prefer not to post them here on the site but you can still check them out over at this Flickr Gallery.

The sets we see on this picture are the following:

  • 70400 Forest Ambush
  • 70401 Gold Getaway
  • 70402 Gatehouse Raid
  • 70403 Dragon Mountain
  • 70404 King’s Castle


I’m sure that by now many of the LEGO Castle fans must be jumping around of happiness. For now this is all of what we know of but as soon as we find out more we will let you know here on the site!



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