Retiring Soon: 8 Sets To Leave LEGO Catalog

We all want to own each and every LEGO set we see but sometimes we can’t buy them so we just postpone the purchase but be aware! Currently 8 LEGO Sets have been marked as retiring soon on the LEGO Catalog and this sets are:

  • 10193 Medieval Market Village
  • 3178 Seaplane
  • 3661 Bank & Money Transfer
  • 3677 Red Cargo Train
  • 3856 LEGO ® Ninjago
  • 8043 Motorized Excavator
  • 9441 Kai’s Blade Cycle
  • 9558 Training Set

If you were planning on getting one of these before you should consider buying it now. As we all know once LEGO sets are discontinued their prices blast off. Be smart and get those sets you want before they are discontinued! You can make a purchase from LEGO Shop@Home by clicking the banner below!

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