Realistic Trees Cuusoo Project

I heard about this Cuusoo project and when I saw it I was captivated by the beautifulness of this project. You don’t always see projects like these on Cuusoo and I must give a round of applause to Paultox. This is one of the most beautiful projects I have ever seen on the LEGO Cuusoo website.

This project currently has 1.515 supporters and it should already have 10k. Just look at the designs Paultox came up with. They are all unique and realistic. The trees that Paultox built are very, but very beautiful. The selection of different colors is just awesome if you take a look at the image above look at that dark reddish tone, magnificent.

Paultox’s idea is to create realistic LEGO trees sets and I must say that after looking at his work we need sets like this. This just demonstrates how LEGO can be used to create beautiful and captivating builds. If you would like to see more awesome trees Click Here and if you want to support this project Click Here.

Let’s help Paultox reach the 10k supporters now!



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4 thoughts on “Realistic Trees Cuusoo Project

  1. Lego the Hutt

    This is one of my favorite cuusoo projects and it should actually get accepted if it gets enough votes. I would want to collect them all. Would make an awesome forest scene.

  2. Thanks Groovebricks! For this great post about my project. Hopefully this wil generate some more support.

  3. Sweetness! :)

  4. Love this…
    Being gone a long time and now seeing this is a sight for sore eyes. The tree looks amazing with the new colored leaves pieces! Love to see more of what’s in store :)

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