LEGO Superman Metropolis Showdown!


Well, the news is certainly coming in thick and fast about the new Summer sets. Hopefully we’ll add to that when the German Toy Fair happens in the next couple of weeks, or whenever it happens.

For now, though, we’re starting to get some official images, starting with this:


The 76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown, and GOD DAMMIT it looks amazing. Based on the movie, no doubt. We can tell because of Superman’s suit.

We also get General Zod along with a fancy looking car and some sort of telephone mast thing?

I’m sure it will have some significance when we see the film.

The price will be the standard $12.99/£11.99 base price, so I’ll definitely get this. It seriously looks amazing. Hopefully LEGO can keep up this standard throughout the other themes, as so far we’ve had a great years for sets.

Well, until the next time,

-Jacob out!

Via Brick Heroes



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