LEGO Star Wars Winter 2014 – Minifigure List




Some images of the new 2014 LEGO Star Wars sets have appeared and I have been lucky enough to take a look at them! The new sets look as if they were back from 2005 because of their new box design. The boxes for the new sets feature the Star Wars lava logo from Episode III along with Darth Vader on the top right hand corner all of this on top of a dark blue textured background. Honestly, I really love this new box design.

As for the new “recruitment” sets, the official name for those sets is “Microfighters” and they are chibi sets which feature one minifigure. They pretty much look like Luke’s Chibi Landspeeder set that was released not long ago on a convention.


-_-_- System -_-_-

73038 Jedi Interceptor (Anakin’s Yellow Version)
-Anakin Skywalker (New)
-R2-D2 (New)

75039 V-Wing Starfighter
-V-Win Pilot (New)
-Astromech Droid (New)

75040 General Grievous’ Wheel Bike
-General Grievous (New)
-Obi-Wan Kenobi (New)

75041 Vulture Droid
-Neimoidian Warrior (New)
-Buzz Droid (New)
-Droid Pilot

75042 Droid Gunship
-41st Elite Corps Trooper (New)
-Chewbacca (New)
-Battle Droid
-Sniper Battle Droid

75043 AT-AP
-Commander Gree (New)
-Chief Tarfful (New)
-Commander Battle Droid
-Battle Droid
-Sniper Battle Droid

75044 Droid Tri-Fighter
-Still Unknown

75045 Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon
-Still Unknown

75046 Coruscant Police Gunship
-Still Unknown

-_-_- Microfighters -_-_-

75028 Clone Turbo Tank
-Commander Rex (New)

75029 AAT
-Battle Droid

75030 Millennium Falcon
-Han Solo (New)

75031 TIE Interceptor
-Tie Fighter Pilot (New)

75032 X-Wing Fighter
-X-Wing Pilot (New Helmet)

75033 Imperial Star Destroyer
-Imperial Crew (New)

-_-_- Battle Packs -_-_-

75034 Death Star Troopers
-Death Star Gunner x2 (New)
-Royal Guards x2 (New)

75035 Kashyyyk Troopers
-Kashyyyk Clone Troopers x2
-41st Elite Corps Troopers x2

75036 Utapau Troopers
-Still Unkown

75037 Battle on Saleucami
-BARC Trooper x1 (New)
-Battle Droids x2
-Sniper Battle Droids x2



The image you see above is from the new 75037 Battle on Saleucam, it features the new BARC trooper which in my opinion looks great. 🙂

What do you think about the new minifigs? Let us know down in the comments!


  1. I am personally happy with where Lego is taking the mini figures. I like the fact that almost all of them have front and back printing on the torso. Many have front leg printing and some with arm printing too. As much as I like all of these figures I kind of wish Lego would not put so many out. I know that may sound odd but I only say that because these darn figures are costing me an arm and leg LOL

  2. Well I’ve seen the kashykk troops and the wookie and chewbaacca and they’re epic! I’ve seen VIP pics of all these sets and damn i gotta get em! Commander gree is epic!

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