LEGO Star Wars Summer 2014 Set List


What a better way to start the year than by having the first list of summer 2014 LEGO Star Wars sets. EuroBricks user menad has received the names of the new sets from an online Hungarian LEGO shop. The new sets are:

  • 75048 – Phantom 20-30 EUR
  • 75049 – Snowspeeder 278 pieces 30-40 EUR
  • 75050 – B-wing 448 pieces 50-60 EUR
  • 75051 – Jedi Hunter 490 pieces 60-70 EUR
  • 75052 – Mos Eisley Cantina 615 pieces 70-80 EUR
  • 75053 – The Ghost piece number unknown yet 90-100 EUR
  • 75054 – AT-AT 1138 pieces 110EUR
  • 75055 – Imperial Star Destroyer 120EUR

Yes, you read it right, we are getting a new Mos Eisley Cantina set!! It’s been more than ten years since the first cantina was released and this might be the set that will include the new Dewback that was spotted a couple of days ago. I am super pumped for this new set and I am sure that a lot of you are as well.

Two sets that caught my eye though are 75048 Phantom and 75053 The Ghost. I have no idea what those two might be based on. After doing a quick Google search I can’t seem to find out what the “Phantom” set can be based but for “The Ghost” there might be a chance that it could be based on the Ghost Ships of the Star Wars universe. They are ships that have mysteriously dissipated in space and are spotted every now and then.

For now this all the information we have on the new 2014 LEGO Star Wars Summer sets. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE: Added an image with all the new 2014 Summer sets:



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4 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Summer 2014 Set List

  1. Andy Peachey

    I believe “the Ghost” will be the main ship from the new star wars animated tv show, “Star wars rebels” where the main ship they will use is called ‘the ghost’, I also believe “phantom” & “Jedi Hunter” will be vehicles from that show.

  2. Stevenplays

    @Andy Peachey Jedi Hunter includes Jek-14, a Rhonian Jedi Master, a Black 3-CP0 clone, and an Astromech Droid. The photo can be seen here It matches with the rumored set number of the Jedi Hunter. I believe it’s apart of the Yoda Chronicles line, unless Jek-14 is somehow in the new TV series, which would be very interesting.

  3. Andy Peachey

    haha, that would be interesting. But yeah, since I posted that comment, learned as well, that that particular set is from the ‘Yoda Chronicles’ line. Though I believe the phantom and almost 100% likely ‘the ghost’ will be for the new star wars rebels show.

  4. joe

    The phantom is probably from SWTOR since they already did other models based on the game last year.

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