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Thanks to TheBrickFan we came across with LEGO Retailer Kiddiwinks who has just posted a ton of details on the upcoming summer 2014 LEGO Star Wars sets. We still don’t have any official set images but we do however have the descriptions, piece count, and the release date. According to Kiddiwinks, these sets should be coming out June 2014. This is only two month after the release of the winter 2014 sets in March! Well, without further ado here are the details:

Phantom (75048) – 234 pieces

Take on evil Imperial forces in The Phantom with opening cockpit, 2-way spring-loaded shooter, rear cargo compartment and more.

Fly The Phantom into battle against the evil Empire!

Join the Rebel resistance against the evil Empire in The Phantom attack shuttle, as seen in the exciting Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! Place young Rebel hero Ezra Bridger in the detachable cockpit and store his cadet helmet and blaster in the carg Fly The Phantom into battle against the evil Empire!


Snowspeeder (75049) – 279 pieces

Zoom into battle with Luke Skywalker™ in the Snowspeeder™ with dual cockpit, stud blasters, harpoon, 2 spring-loaded shooters and more.

Battle the Imperial Forces with the super-sleek Snowspeeder™!

Lead Rogue Squadron with Luke Skywalker™ in the streamlined Snowspeeder™! Place him and gunner Dak Ralter™ in the dual cockpit with their weapons and attack with the spring-loaded shooters hidden under each wing. Target the Imperial Snowtrooper™ with the Battle the Imperial Forces with the super-sleek Snowspeeder™!


B-Wing (75050) – 448 pieces

Defend against Imperial attacks with the B-wing™ with rotating cockpit, 4 large engines, 2 spring-loaded shooters and foldable wings.

Stage epic space battles with the iconic B-wing™!

Play out epic scenes from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and other thrilling space battles with the B-wing™! Rotate the cockpit so the pilot always has a clear view ahead. Rev up the 4 huge engines to power through the galaxy and fire the spring Stage epic space battles with the iconic B-wing™!


Jedi Scout Fighter (75051) – 490 pieces

Protect the Holocrons with Jek-14™ and the Jedi™ Scout Fighter with dual cockpit/escape pod, spring-loaded shooters and rotating cannon.

Keep the Holocrons safe from the dark side in the Jedi™ Scout Fighter!

Protect the vital Holocrons from the dark side with Jek-14™ and his streamlined Jedi™ Scout Fighter. Lift the rear hatch to stash the containers of Holocrons and lightsabers. Place clone trooper Jek-14™ and his co-pilot in the dual cockpit that opens two Keep the Holocrons safe from the dark side in the Jedi™ Scout Fighter!


Mos Eisley Cantina (75052) – 616 pieces

Enter the Mos Eisley Cantina™ including droid scanner, bar, slide-out floors, opening roof, plus a Landspeeder, dewback and 8 minifigures.

Recreate iconic Star Wars scenes at Mos Eisley Cantina™!

Welcome to the noisy and dangerous Mos Eisley Cantina™ on the desert world of Tatooine! Park the landspeeder and enter, staying clear of the giant dewback drinking from the trough outside. Make sure Luke, Han and Obi-Wan have their weapons with them as th Recreate iconic Star Wars scenes at Mos Eisley Cantina™!


The Ghost (75053) – 929 pieces

Pilot The Ghost with 2 cockpits, 360-degree rotating gun turret, spring-loaded shooters, detachable escape pods, Holocron and more.

Join the Rebel heroes aboard The Ghost!

Get ready to battle the Empire with the Rebel heroes’ awesome starship – The Ghost – as seen in the thrilling Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series! Stay on course with Rebel minifigures in the two cockpits and put Zeb on patrol in the 360-degree rotating Join the Rebel heroes aboard The Ghost!


AT-AT (75054) – 1137 pieces

Recreate the Battle of Hoth with the AT-AT™ with moving head, spring-loaded shooters, switch-operated trap door and posable legs.

Evade the mighty, stomping legs of the AT-AT™!

Who can stop the Empire’s intimidating AT-AT™ – All Terrain Armored Transport – walker? Seat the AT-AT™ Driver and a Snowtrooper™ in the cockpit of this mighty war machine and move the head to aim the spring-loaded shooters. Pose the legs, trigger the tra Evade the mighty, stomping legs of the AT-AT™!


What do you think about these set? Let us know in the comments below!

Via: Kiddiwinks


  1. Very dissapointed at the summerwave. All the sets are OT themed which i dont like 🙁 hopefully there will be a couple clone wars or prequel era sets

  2. What do you have to complain about? You guys have had two consecutive waves for clone wars and PT sets, and you have a third one coming up as well. Why don’t you give us OT fans a chance to collect the kind of sets we like?

    • Becuase it shouldnt be just focused on the OT. the winter 2014 wave was balanced. Lego will have more sales with PT sets than OT ones. Also in all honesty the PT sets are better while the OT sets are just the same sets rereleased (like a million different x wings, TIEs, stormtroopers etc)

      • Seriously!? You though the winter wave was balanced, with its one solitary OT system-scale battle pack? I think you need a little perspective my friend!
        (Three of those sets aren’t OT too.)

  3. Clearly the OT is better than the prequels because honestly no one is going to remember it in 20 years now that lso i am definitely very excited about the new summer wave, especially the mos eisley cantina i just hope it comes with the band

  4. Both the 2014 Winter (PT) and Summer (OT) presents models we’ve seen before. I am in this for the models not the minifigs, and I think Lego 2014 is a big disappointment. I have most of these, the Mos Eisley Cantina (Summer) and the Death Star troopers the exeptions.


  5. The Band, yes please. It should has a special brick that plays the infamous music. Next, will greedo have arm printing like the original. Why O why does it need another sand speeder when it will only detract from the brick count on the important canteena itself. It looks like Lego have gone for sand again rather than the pink/red of the second version which is closer to the film.


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