LEGO Star Wars 75059 Sandcrawler To Be Revealed at Brick Cascade



By now I’m guessing that you all have heard the rumors about a possible new LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler with the set number 75059. Well, it appears to be that this rumored set is supposed to become a reality this March the 8 when LEGO will supposedly will unveil this it at Brick Cascade 2014. If the rumors are true, this set will be about the size of the Ewok Village and will retail for approximately $349.99 USD and should be hitting the shelves sometime this October.

So far, the information on this set seems to be quite reliable since it has mostly been leaked from LEGO retailers such as We do not have any specifics on what the set will include or look like nor do we know about its minifigures. The wait isn’t so long though since Brick Cascade is only three weeks away from now. We’ll just have to be patient.

In other LEGO Star Wars news, Hoth Bricks is also reporting that a new Slave I UCS set is coming this September. We do not have any details on this set but once we do we’ll let you know.

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  1. The UCS Slave 1 should be announced later in the year. I’m excited for Bricks Cascade this year. I have been every year and this one should be the biggest ever with this exclusive reveal.

    I’m still unsure on this set though. The 330 euro listed price point means it will most likely be giant sized and out of scale with most of my collection. I loved the UCS ewok village as it is a good size and fits in nicely. Though I do have other sets like the UCS R2 and he is obviously much larger…but that seems different than a ship or a vehicle somehow. I’ll wait and see.


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