LEGO Star Wars 2013 Second Wave Rumors

User difool73 from the HispaLug Forums has posted what appears to be the list of the sets that will be part from the second semester of 2013. He states that he got this list from a very reliable source. We will have to follow him blindly for now until we receive more info on these sets. So wait further ado here you have the list:

  • 75015 Corporate Alliance Droid
  • 75016 Homing Spider Droid
  • 75,017 vs Yoda, Count Dooku Playset
  • 75018 Chronicle Yoda Model
  • 75019 AT-TE
  • 75,020 Sailbarge  Jabba’s
  • 75021 Republic Gunship
  • 75022 Mandalorian Speeder

The list looks quite promising and I must say that I really hope the Jabba’s Sailbarge and the AT-TE get made into real sets. I couldn’t get ahold of these sets on previous years so this is my chance! What about you guys? Are you interested in any of the sets above?


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5 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars 2013 Second Wave Rumors

  1. Matt

    Wow! This would be a great wave!!!

  2. lego the hutt

    A new updated sail barge sounds great. I hope we get a new Yoda minifig as well…a non-clonewars version.

    • I am also looking forward to the new Sail Barge. I could never get ahold of the old one and this is my chance to get my own sail barge. :)

  3. Sebastian

    To be honest it sucks that lego is producing new versions of classic models over and over. There are so many other possible sets to be made and this year again… 3 th version of A-Wing, 2nd version of Barge and ”greatest hits” of Hoth again. Come on guys, just think a little!!!

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