LEGO Ninjago New York Toy Fair 2014 – HD Images

LEGO Ninjago New York Toy Fair 2014 – HD Images


So now it’s the turn for all you LEGO Ninjago fans! Here you have the first images of the two new Ninjago sets that will be coming out this summer. The first set is the 70727 X-1 Ninja Charger which comes with 426 pieces and retails for $39.99. The minifigures included are Kai and two Nindroids.


The other set is the 70728 Battle for Ninjago City has 1223 pieces and will go for $119.99. There are a total 8 minifigures in this set: Jay, Lloyd Garmadon, Zane, Nya, the Overlord, and three Nindroids.

Toy-Fair-2014-LEGO-Ninjago-016 Toy-Fair-2014-LEGO-Ninjago-017 Toy-Fair-2014-LEGO-Ninjago-018 Toy-Fair-2014-LEGO-Ninjago-019 Toy-Fair-2014-LEGO-Ninjago-020 Toy-Fair-2014-LEGO-Ninjago-021


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