LEGO Ninjago 2013 Set Images

Great news for all of the LEGO NinjaGo Fans out there. A Swiss online store named Thali has uploaded the images of the new upcoming 2013 sets. They are not in super HD but we can atleast see the sets and their content/

A total of 5 different sets were uploaded. Those sets being:

  • 70500 Kai’s Fire Robot
  • 70501 Samurai Bike
  • 70502 Cole’s Power Drill
  • 70502 Golden Dragon
  • 70504 Garmatron
  • 70504 Temple of Light


The sets look great in my opinion  I am now starting to like the NinjaGo theme after reading a couple of their graphic novels and watching the TV show once in a while.  Along with these new sets we will be getting some brand new minifigs like the Waruwaru Samurais. I’m really looking forward to get a couple of the new sets before they disappear.  It is not confirmed by LEGO that the theme might actually end, it is just a rumor but who knows rumors lately have been proven right.

Well without further ado here you have the images:



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  1. Please mail me back and let me know when it would be possible to purchase these.

    Thank you,

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