LEGO Modulars – 10232 Palace Cinema?


There have been some rumors lately of a new upcoming LEGO Modular set. Modular Buildings are perhaps one of the sets most LEGO fans enjoy to build. AFOLs like how they look and brickfilmers use them for their films. Well, members from both the Brickset and the 1001steine forums have been talking about the addition of a new building called Palace Cinema. From the 1001steine forums we have:

“Also, there is a set with the name 10232 Palace Cinema at a price of 129,99 EUR in the list. Just like the train in the category “Creator”.”

That from where we know that it’s called Palace Cinema. Thanks to them we also know that this new set might be selling for 129.99 EUR. Again, this is not 100% proven but it is most likely to be like this. This is the second LEGO Creator set we know about besides the 10233 Horizon Express. Could we maybe get a third one??

What do you guys think? Would you want a new Modular Building set?



  1. I built my first modular building. Its not very bad to me; its a one story little corner diner called the “Red Roof Diner and Cafe”.


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