LEGO 2013 Christmas Winter Village Sets!


Christmas is just around the corner! We are less than three weeks away from that day of happiness and of course LEGO Sets!

Like every year, LEGO has some nice Christmas themed sets. We have two from last year and one that is completely new. If you would like to decorate your home with the spirit of Christmas and LEGO then you for sure want to get one of the following!

10216 Winter Village Bakery! This first set has a nice design. Snow-covered roofs, frozen lakes, Christmas lights. This set is a nice choice for those who want to start building their little LEGO Christmas town.  You get 7 awesome minifigs and some quite nice light-up bricks that help give it a nice Christmas feel.

10222 Winter Village Post OfficeThis is the next set in the line and I must say that this one is my favorite from the three. This one has a much more Christmas like design, its got a nice selection of colors. The way LEGO used the dark green, tan, and brown bricks is what made this set look so nice. Those colors give this set a much nice feel to it and it sure would look nice near your Christmas tree!

10229 Winter Village CottageThe Winter Village Cottage is the last addition to the Winter Village so far. This set features snow-covered roofs and a lot of nice little features. This set comes with 8 different minifigures, the cottage, storage shed, igloo, street lamp, sled and a snowplow. This set is necessary to have in your Winter Village collection. The design of the cottage is marvelous but I still prefer the Post Office. If only they would have had used more green on the roof and brown and tan for the walls this set would have had been my favorite but I pretty sure many of you love this set.

Those are the Winter Village sets for this year and if you would like to have some nice Christmas decorations at your house then you should plan on getting these guys!

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