LEGO Castle Is Back!

This bit of news will put a smile on every single LEGO Medieval fan! LEGO IS bringing back the old Castle theme!!

We were once again contacted with news from the webstore. They have listed five (5) new sets for the upcoming 2013. We yet have no information about the new sets. We only know that they will be using the following numbers 70,400 to 70,404 for the sets. If BrickShop is correct we should be seeing the new sets come out during the month of August next year.

I really cant believe this. I did not see it come at all. I would love to hear what you guys think about this!



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3 thoughts on “LEGO Castle Is Back!

  1. citizen piper

    Following your posts!

  2. Cave Troll

    If they also produced the 2007-2009 sets, it’d be awesome! Cuz the only way to buy them now is on ebay/amazon for tripple price -_-

  3. Porshadoxus

    Can’t come soon enough for me!

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