LEGO BTTF DeLorean Revealed

Well, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll, please……


And there it is! What looks to be the final model.

Despite the fact that we now have a release date of the 18th of July, we still don’t know, well, practically anything about this set. No minifigures, no price and no piece count have been confirmed.

The model itself looks pretty cool, and you can certainly see the parts of it that have been taken from the Cuusoo version – We didn’t have that ‘link’ with the Minecraft set.


This is pretty poor timing on LEGO’s part. The BTTF anniversary is in a couple of years, the model might sell better had it been released then. We’ll never know.

Either way, I’ll be getting my hands on this as soon as I can. It looks very good!

What are your views on the set? Will you be getting it? Let us know either in the comments or the chat below. Until next time,

-Jacob out!

Source: Brick Fanatics


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