Image Of The Interior Of The LEGO Simpsons House

Simpsons-House-backCarlos S from the EuroBricks forums is back again with another picture of the upcoming 71006 The Simpsons House. This time he’s got a picture of the back of the box which shows all of the playability features.

By the looks of this image it appears to be that the LEGO Simpsons house is a complete duplicate of the original house. It contains every single room in the house expect for the basement and the attic.  You have all of the bedrooms of the main characters as will as the living room, kitchen and even the garage. Included in this set you also get some nice details from the show such as the old blue antenna TV, the piano in the living room and Homer’s car torn up car.

Overall I am quite amazed at the quality of this set. LEGO has done an outstanding job in the creation of this set. They have included all sorts of crazy details and have added a lot of playability to the set. It would be nice to see LEGO taking this concept and applying it to LEGO City or Creator houses.

Via: EuroBricks


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5 thoughts on “Image Of The Interior Of The LEGO Simpsons House

  1. Olivier Larouche

    Like everybody else seeing this, I wonder what the price is going to be.

    • It wont be cheap, thats for sure.

  2. Working on the Super Star Destroyer with a retail price of $399 having 3152 pieces works at $0.13/piece. This set is 2532 pieces so I would guess at £199.99, but maybe even as high as £249.99, as the Star Wars Ewok Village is 1990 pieces and is £199.99.

    • Thanks for your insight Paul! I’m sure many readers will find this useful! :)

  3. Patrick

    Not quite every room. It does not appear as though the rarely seen Rumpus Room is included.

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