Gangsters’ Getaway Car

1920s’ gangsters were known for their Tommy guns, and their classic getaway car, the Ford Model A. Lego Cuusoo user BrickadierG has turned this classic car into a Cuusoo idea, and a very good looking one too. It looks very accurate, compared to a picture I found of the one John Dillinger used. A few changes seem to have been made, which may have been because of different body styles or parts, or the limitations of Lego bricks. If this gets made into a Lego set, the tiled area in front of the doors may just have studs so people can have a minifigure stand up there, but I don’t see any other changes Lego might make. It also has working doors, and three gangsters. Overall, it would a very impressive and detailed set, that I’d value at 20-25 USD.

The Ford Model A Gangsters’ Getaway Car can be found here, and it has already gotten support from over 100 people, but it needs a lot more support to get to 10,000. BrickadierG also has several other Lego classic car designs on his profile, and a design for  a neat Lego organ grinder. So see if you like to own any of them, and I should be back tomorrow with another Cuusoo project.


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One thought on “Gangsters’ Getaway Car

  1. Love the design.And I like the way the words pull you in and want to read more……over all….I would give the car a 9 or 10 star rating :D.

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