First Legend Of Chima Set Pictures!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since we first heard about the new LEGO Theme “The Legend Of Chima”. A very unusual product was listed yesterday on Ebay and it was the new 70113. We yet don’t know the name of this set because it is not mentioned on the box. This sets appears to be a pre productions model that somebody got a hold of and is trying to sell.

Just by taking a look at this box we can say that the rumors that said that this new theme had something to do with the replacement of NinjaGo are true. It’s seems to have the same goals of playing against others with some kind of spinners. If you pay close attention to the logo of the box you will see the same planet design we had on that teaser pic LEGO released a couple of days ago. We all though that teaser pic had something to do with the new Polar Xxpress theme…

Man, I can’t believe somebody posted this on Ebay!
The images can not be displayed here because they have been marked. You can check the on the Ebay Listing though.

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3 thoughts on “First Legend Of Chima Set Pictures!

  1. To me it looks like a mix between Atlantis, Pharaohs quest, and Ninjago….. I feel LEGO should expand the themes more, and not just combine them….

  2. The name of this set is “70013 Chi Battles”

  3. LEGO Freak

    the other new ice theme interests me more.

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