2014 LEGO Set News



The guys over at Brickset.com have compiled a list of the latest LEGO 2014 set names. This information has been provided from the EuroBricks forums and we bring them to you. We have information regarding the CMF Series 12, City, Friends and Star Wars themes. So if you are interested in any of these themes then keep on reading!

-_-_- Collectible Minifigures Series 12 -_-_-

As stated on EuroBricks, the collectible minifigures series 12 will be completely based on the upcoming “The LEGO Movie”. We will have the usual 16 minifigures for the price of $2.99. Personally I am quite interested in this series of minifigures as there are a lot of interesting minifigs in the upcoming LEGO film such as Abe Lincoln, President Business, and Emmet.

-_-_- LEGO City  -_-_-

Regarding the LEGO City theme, we have the set names for the Police and Great Vehicles sub-themes.

Break-Out of the Police Station (~100€)
Break-Out of the Prison Transporter
Bandit’s Hiding Place (~50€)
Police Motorcycle Chase
Police Helicopter Chase (~50€)
Police Boat Transporter (~40€)
Mobile Police Unit (~30€)

Great Vehicles
Camper with Canoe
Jeep with Jetski
Wood Transporter
Car Transporter
Racing Car
Monster Truck
Repair Car
Tow Truck

-_-_- LEGO Friends -_-_-

So far we only have three set names for the LEGO Friends theme but they should be taken with a grain of salt as they are rumors.

Mission at the Beach
Beach and Smoothie Bar
Beach House

-_-_- LEGO Star Wars -_-_-

Planet Sets

Imperial Star Destroyer
Kashyyk Trooper
DS Trooper

System Scale Sets

General Grievous Bike
Vulture Droid (or Planet set)
V-Wing (or planet set)
Droid Gunship
Republic AV
Battle of Seludca


For now this all the information we have regarding the new LEGO 2014 sets. Make sure to check site often as we will be updating you with the latest LEGO news as soon as we can.


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